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Calling an IT provider when you need help isn’t always as good an idea as it sounds. The representative you speak with likely has no idea how your business operates so in order to help, you spend minutes explaining what you do, what the problem is and they spend even longer finding the right technician that can help. This isn’t the best way to deal with IT frustrations which is why we’d like to introduce you to SSIT’s IT Help Desk.

With an IT Help Desk in Sydney from SSIT, you enjoy a single point of contact for all your technology worries while we enjoy robust tools that allow us to tackle your problems more efficiently than ever.

No more runaround

Our IT Help Desk system equips you with a user-friendly ticketing suite that lets you tell us your problems more easily and effectively while our experts will be on hand to help right away. This minimises frustrating and time consuming support calls for good.

IT Help Desk from SSIT gives you:

  • Australian based technicians - all of our call centers are Australian based
  • IT expertise - our staff are properly trained to handle any request you have
  • Single point of contact - for all your technology needs without having to go through call forwarding and other time consuming processes
  • User-friendly interface - our Help Desk is understandable at a glance
  • Proactive prevention - we run performance reports to determine repeating problems to prevent them for happening again
  • Clear communication - that lets you attach files and references easily to ensure your needs are met the first time around

IT Help Desk from us gives you the small business IT support that is simply more efficient than a traditional call system.

Get help exactly when you need help.

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