As a young boy, I was fascinated with puzzles. At age 7, my teachers told me, “he has a computer brain”. I just enjoyed doing puzzles, putting things together, but also I guess my secret ingredient to getting to where I am today, is the fact that if the thing stopped working, I couldn't afford to pay someone else to fix it, so I just kept trying things until I got lucky and things worked again! Not being able to afford the alternatives, only gave me one option.
So now after 20 years in the IT industry, ranging from back in the DOS days and Windows For Workgroups 3.11 times, to the first version of Windows being shut off, so to speak, that the world was conscious of (Windows XP), to now touch screen laptops running a version of windows that looks the same on any style of device, be it a desktop, tablet, laptop, phone or a watch.
The years have been quite an amazing adventure, that continues to grow by the millisecond. I find that I'm very optimistic in regards to the computers of the future and how they will enrich our lives. The amazing capabilities will gradually be known and appreciated, with humanity putting them to good use. With this optimism, I take responsibility to do my part in making sure things go this way, and not in the other direction. Given the rate of attack from the many many scams around the world these days, it's a very fine line between computers being used for Good or for Evil.
So I try to help spread optimism, understanding and enrich peoples lives with showing them the aspects of how enjoyable the IT world can be. How simple and un-scary they can be... Helping people confidently take the first steps and then running marathons, fills me with pride knowing that I've had an ever lasting effect on peoples lives for the better. The sense of appreciation for the work we do these days is a beautiful thing to receive, and more enriching than just receiving dollars for work done. Hence why I happily offer satisfaction guaranteed work.
Continued passion for the industry has helped the Computer Sage grow to where it is now, and will help continue it's growth in a way that is more like a philosophy. We hope to have an opportunity to help you in your life some time. Feel free to contact us any time to discuss literally anything that might be on your mind!
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